SWT designs and manufacture diesel generator sets ranging from 8.3kVA to 3781kVA. The safe, smart and reliable power could meet industrial&commercial, heavy power, residential supersilent needs and special power projects. 

Diesel generator sets index
  • SWT Industrial Diesel Generator Sets

    SWT Industrial Diesel Generator Sets

    The range is designed for small to medium industrial and commercial facilities or events including supermarkets, commercial buildings, construction sit, factories, forestry, minis etc.
    • SKM
      Powered by Kubota (50Hz: 8.3kVA-40kVA, 60Hz: 8.75kVA-49kVA)
    • SCM
      Powered by Cummins (50Hz:30kVA-550kVA, 60Hz: 30kVA-633kVA)
    • SPM
      Powered by Perkins (50Hz: 10kVA-565kVA, 60Hz: 11kVA-782kVA)
    • SMM
      Powered by MTU (50Hz:300-715kVA)
    • SYM
      Powered by Yuchai (50Hz: 30kVA-550kVA)
    • SVM
      Powered by Volvo(50Hz: 94kVA-770kVA)
  • SWT Heavy range Generator sets

    SWT Heavy range Generator sets

    The heavy range of generator sets works for data centers, hospitals or financial organizations need. A power outage of a few minutes can incur substantial data or financial losses for a bank or have serious consequences for the safety of patients in a hospital. High-power generators are required to ensure the continuous power supply to save lives and maintain the data running.
    • SCM
      Powered by Cummins (50Hz:625kVA-3000kVA, 60Hz: 666kVA-3575kVA)
    • SPM
      Powered by Perkins (50Hz: 680kVA-2500kVA, 60Hz: 840kVA-1870kVA)
    • SMM
      Powered by MTU (50Hz:880-3250kVA, 60Hz: 1815kVA-3781kVA)
    • SYM
      Powered by Yuchai (50Hz: 605kVA-3000kVA)
  • SWT Supersilent Generator sets

    SWT Supersilent Generator sets

    SWT generator sets have been designed to work in location with greater acoustic restrictions, specially in urban areas. Silent Plus generator sets, guarantee a noise level of around 65 dB(A)@7m. Mainly focused on the events sector, the Silent Plus range guarantee slow levels of sound emissions thanks to a more optimized design of the air intakes and outputs, the addition of a dual core exhaust system, and top-quality insulating materials.
    • SKM/S
      Powered by Kubota (50Hz: 8.3kVA-40kVA, 60Hz: 8.75kVA-49kVA)
    • SCM/S
      Powered by Cummins (50Hz:30kVA-680kVA, 60Hz: 30kVA-756kVA)
    • SPM/S
      Powered by Perkins (50Hz: 10kVA-725kVA, 60Hz: 11kVA-782kVA)
  • SWT Mobile Generator sets

    SWT Mobile Generator sets

    SWT Mobile power station consist of vehicle-type and trailer type. It can be used for all the operation, maintenance and emergency rescuing. As high mobility power, it can response to the emergency quickly and reach the work site at once to provide continuous stable power. The unique and special design of vehicle type and trailer type makes the operation user-friendly. The production of large quantity of mobile power station have received the customers’ recognition and made its technology more mature. View Mobile generator sets.
    • SXM/T
      Powered by Kubot/Cummins/Perkins/MTU/Yuchai(50Hz: 8.3kVA-3250kVA, 60Hz: 8.75kVA-3781kVA)
  • SWT Welding Generators

    SWT Welding Generators

    • WG Series
      Powered by Kubota/Perkins engine (DC current from 200A to 500A)


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